Seigniorial residence of the Marquis of Thézan-Vénasque


"A fully furnished palace for the pleasure of young and old visitors"

(Les Pépites du Patrimoine - Avril 2023)

Between Luberon and Ventoux, the Castle of Thezan surprises by its majestic stature and its composite architecture.
A fascinating marriage of architecture and environment, Thézan deserves to remain a haven of beauty and elegance that defies the hustle and bustle of the world.
Built on the foundations of a Roman villa, its current appearance tells how, from the Renaissance to the 19th century, generations transformed the ancient fortress into a castle of pleasure.
The Castle of Thezan will then become a famous hydrotherapy institute where the beautiful society will come to discover the pleasures and the benefits of water.
The end of the 1980s marked a turning point in the life of the "Diamond of Provence": from its glorious hours, it sank into oblivion and turned in on itself.
Open to vandalism, it was saved from abandonment by its purchase in 2019.
The new owners are carrying out a global project to restore the site and share with the public this still little-known castle of Provence.


You can discover this Provençal heritage where the historical salons with their sumptuous decorations, entirely refurbished, merge with the old baths, unique and miraculously preserved infrastructures.
Like Beaumarchais, who came here in search of inspiration for his "Marriage of Figaro", you can also stroll freely in the alleys of the English park, where the remarkable trees and the gushing fountains will give you a moment out of time.


Catherine G.

Quelle merveille ! Un trésor au sein d’un charmant village provençal, entre vignes et oliviers.

Un parc magnifique avec ses bassins et ses arbres majestueux, qui invite à prendre le temps tout simplement.

Une demeure magique, riche d’une histoire à rebondissements, dont on rêve de pousser la porte. Le centre d’hydrothérapie du siècle dernier est absolument incroyable.

Juste envie d’y retourner.

Odette de B.

Le beau Château de Thézan renaît peu à peu. Le Parc, en friche, est devenu magnifique. Les pièces historiques, à rénover, mériteront l'attention du visiteur. Quel challenge ! Mais la réussite est au bout de ce chemin ardu, grâce à une motivation sans relâche, l'amour des vieilles pierres et beaucoup de courage. Bravo aux propriétaires, vous avez entrepris une superbe réalisation.

Nicole B.

Château de Thezan à Saint Didier : bientôt, pour la 1re fois en tant que site de visite, ouverture aux public du magnifique Parc : c'est le 4 juin. C'est vraiment un lieu incontournable à découvrir...